About the Venue

Introducing the ARNE AKSEL Experience Venue

At the ARNE AKSEL Experience Venue you’ll find things you didn’t expect to. The venue makes the setting. The experience can be anything.

By partnering up with external artists, brands, publishers and cultural institutions, we, at Experience Venue, offer an extraordinary physical experience that'll show you what fabric can do. At ARNE AKSEL, the curtains are dominating at all times.

If you allow your soul to awaken, you’ll start to see lights, artistic impressions, colors and acoustics. Colors make our thoughts run free. 

A colorful room will set the conversation free and allow us to speak from the heart. The conversation needs to come back to life and at Experience Venue, we provide the facilities to discover design, content production and on-brand creative events. 

We make room for individuals, organizations and collaborations. 

The Experience Venue is available for: 

  • Photoshoots
  • Workshops
  • Fashion shows
  • Dinners
  • Talks
  • Music release
  • Art Exhibitions 
  • Furniture / interior exponation 
  • Whatever comes to your mind


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our journal.

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